Monday, September 12, 2011

I don't see you!

I've gotten back into bartending in a busy nightclub, and WOW did I miss it. I love not dealing with children, not having to be completely PC and sugar-coated all the time, but the thing I like best of all? Getting to know who's cheap and won't tip me regardless of service early on, and without wasting a lot of time on them first, and getting to outright ignore them as the night gets busy!

Think about it, the bar in a nightclub doesnt exactly have a single-file line, there's a crowd 3 people deep and as wide as the bar will go. Some insistent jerk who thinks getting their shots is more important than everyone else is probably standing inside the bar (just barely, right where the server's station is at the end of it), yelling because my back is to them (but I'll get to them anyways if they haven't stiffed me once or twice already tonight). So, if you're some uppity bitch who walked in with a chip on her shoulder already, and has been treating me like crap all night (snapping fingers at me, waving cash in my face as I'm making someone else's drinks, attempting to correct me on contents of drinks when she doesnt know shit, and of course, stiffing me), get ready to be ignored when I have a mob in front of me. She's most likely acting that way because she's insecure about her appearance and is threatened by the mere existence of someone even remotely attractive. Whatever her issue is, it's not my problem, and I hope she doesn't die of thirst waiting. I don't want to risk making the throngs of other people who MIGHT tip me angry because they had to wait behind someone like you.