Thursday, March 15, 2012

May I Speak To Your Manager?

I told off my first customer at the new job the other week. I immediately regretted it and imagined I might get into some trouble, which would be unfortunate because I absolutely love my new job.

A table of people with accents walk in... Russian or German, I'm not sure. 2 of them can barely speak english, but know enough to ask if we have anything on special, so I figure I'm not going to make anything off of them. Not a problem since everyone else is treating me well. One of the women with a better grasp of English asks to see a cocktail menu, which is odd in a tavern... also, other than listing what beers we have on draft, the menu just lists prices, and doesn't have an extensive list of every cocktail the bartender knows how to make. So I bring it out, and she says "This doesnt help me. Bring me something fruity. With strawberry". I tell her we have nothing strawberry flavored, and she just says "just fruity then" and waves me away. I bring her a purple haze, and she takes a sip and says she doesnt like it, and says "bring me something else"... I tell her I can't just keep bringing her some random drinks just to have her dislike all of them. She says "maybe if you did a BETTER JOB of picking drinks..." so i say "maybe if you just knew what you wanted..." and she asks to see a manager.

Immediately I have images of being fired going through my head. I swallow my pride, and I go tell S what has happened and have him go speak to them. He makes her a malibu and pineapple, brings it over and tells her "here, try this, and if you don't like it, maybe you should choose your drinks yourself" and walks away.

Did I mention I love my job? :D

Oh, and later her husband comes up to me, pays and tips well, and says "I'm sorry about my wife. She's a bit of a bitch sometimes."