Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Job!

So, I finally have another service job, serving at a pub in a rich area of town that I usually never go near. Had my first shift last week, and ended up working in coat check during their busiest night of the week. I've never worked coat check before, but it didn't require any training, and they wanted to give me work instead of having to wait for someone to have time to train me on serving. It was interesting... lots of people walking in with no coat, taking the freezing cold walk from their car to the bar just to avoid paying a dollar to check their coat. So silly. And people walking away without taking their ticket, or losing their ticket and expecting me to give them their coat anyways as long as they can describe it. Doesn't work that way! I told one girl, how would she like it if some girl came in after her, saw her coat and really liked it, and came back later and said she lost her ticket and just described your jacket to me and I gave it to her? She probably wouldn't like that too much! I don't know why people can't just wait til the end of the night and take their coat when it's the last one there, especially since they're only trying to leave 30 min before close anyways. Too silly.

I had my first shift actually serving last night. I was just supposed to read the hand book and menu, maybe take a menu test, but while I was reading, my manager (Let's call him "S") said "hey, why dont you just take that new table?" H (other server) will help you out if you need"... so I did. It was the same POS system as another job I've had, so it was easy to jump right into it. It was a slow night, so I only got 3 tables, but all of them were hilarious, having a fun time, and tipped well over 20%. And they're all regulars, so I'll be seeing them again. I think I'm going to love this job.

My second table filled out our comment cards, and they were a hilarious read. They said things like "I wonder if S stuffs a sock down his pants" and "the girls should go topless"... too funny!

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