Monday, August 2, 2010

Couples Feeding Each Other: Is It Still Romance If There's Bullshit at the End of Your Forks?

Love can blind, but hey, so can syphilis.
It's a heavy word (love, not syphilis). Smart people tend to put immense amounts of thought behind the sentiment before telling their sweetheart how serious their feelings are for them. Complete dumbasses seem to spew the word forth at every opportunity, without any grasp on what the word means.
Loving someone is placing them high on your list of priorities. It's actually giving a shit about how your decisions affect someone. It's about wanting to make them happy or contributing to their lives.
Loving someone isn't doing whatever the hell you want and only being sorry that there were consequences. It isn't settling on someone because you don't want to be alone, need to get laid, and don't think you can do any better than your current prospects.
If you've told more than one partner in a span of a few months that you love them, you probably have less of a grasp on what the word means than Alanis Morissette has on irony.

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