Friday, August 6, 2010

Critical Mass

Fucking christ, I hate those protesting hippies.

In case you dont know what Critical Mass is, it's a stupid protest that happened twice already this summer, in which a bunch of hippies ride their bikes through downtown during rush hour, obeying no traffic laws, and making a huge mess, and then crying like a bunch of whiney little bitches when they get arrested or their asses kicked.

First of all, they're doing shit all to get a point across. What is their agenda? I heard that they're biking to protest over use of cars or something. But they had no signs, and I saw only 1 guy handing out leaflets about it.

Basically, they're hurting their own cause just by doing this! This isnt proving that biking is a better alternative to driving a car at all, it's just proving that if everyone rode bikes instead of driving cars, there would be complete havoc downtown all the time. I hope that next time they do this, a couple of them get hit by cars. If they're going to ride their bikes, they have to follow traffic laws. No crossing at red lights, and stay in lanes like a car (no driving between cars at stop lights). If one of them crossed at a red light, and I was driving through the intersection at the green light, I would just speed up and hit them. And they would be at fault for crossing illegally, so they couldnt do shit about it! Teach those little shits a lesson.

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