Friday, August 6, 2010

Semi-Religious Rant

This isnt what you're expecting, believe me. I'm not gonna go on a rant about Christianity, actually, I think that's getting old hat.

What is with the human race and their constant forcing their beliefs on everyone? During my younger days, probably right around age 14 or 15, I used to hate Christians and their consistent forcing their religion down peoples throats, and thought that Atheists were pretty cool by contrast. Now I have a bone to pick with both. Forcing non belief is just as irritating as forcing beliefs.

I'm not so all up ons the idea of bitching about Christianity anymore. That lost its appeal right around my 15th birthday. It's not Christianity I hate, it's Christians who think their lives purpose is to convert everyone. And that's not just Christians, that's the entire human race. Now, I'm no Christian, but I definitely come from a religious family. My mom's side of the family are all Roman Catholics, and my father's family is Mennonite. I was baptized, confirmed, and I attended Sunday school/Youth group until I was 14. I dont agree with the bible, and I dont agree that not believing in the bible is going to grant me some big horrible punishment once my body is used up. That being said, I have a great respect for both religions I came from. Being Catholic is linked to being Italian, and I'm very proud of my Italian background. It's a part of my culture, and I can never completely turn my back on it. As for Mennonites, they went through so much persecution for centuries just to be able to maintain their religion and culture, and how can you NOT have respect for that?

I'm so sick of people trying to be "cool" or "different" by either abondoning religion, or taking up a "darker" alternative religion like Satanism... or hey, you like pissing your parents off, but you love your kitty too much to sacrifice it, take up Goth Lite... aka Wiccanism! So many things wrong with all this. I actually think Wicca is a neat concept, and I know a few people who truly believe in it, and take the whole "harm none" thing seriously... but when you see a catty goth chick fondling her pentagram while glaring at every other female in the room, you cant help but laugh. If I see a pentagram worn in combination with excessive fish nets, my eyes will roll on their own volition, and I'm sorry, but I really have no control over this. What part of "harm none" includes gossip, jealousy, and malicious back-stabbing? Also, Satanism is retarded. It's a phony religion! It was made up by some loser who was just doing all that "mysteriously evil" crap to try and get some goth spooky-twat. If you believe Christianity is bullshit, then you cant believe Satan exists, because Satan is a Christian concept, you idiots! You werent even creative enough to make up your own evil entity!

I'm so sick and tired of being told what to think. It's like everyone's out to educate me. I dont mind having a simple conversation, but being told "no, this is what I think, I'm right, and what you think is wrong" is just plain stupid, and completely invalidates the entire concept of a conversation. People, if you're so set in your ways that you wont even consider my opinion a valid possibility, please refrain from bringing the topic up. If you want someone to look at you blankly and never refute what you say, get a dog.

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  1. "goth-spooky twat" FOR THE WIN!

    That was awesome and I will be laughing about this post for days. Well that phrase anyway.

    And I agree with you here. I'm a Catholic and I just try to lead by example. But I am not pushing my religion down anyone's throat. I am far from perfect, who I am to tell anyone what to think?